What is a businessSITE?

What is a businessSITE?The businessSITE is the ideal tool for your quick and easy success on the Internet. Programming knowledge is not necessary To create a businessSITE. Due to our user friendly user surface your contents are fast and immediately visible in the Internet. Optimised for search engines and mobile terminals you profit from a product, which is unique in Europe!


Some of the available modules


image gallery

Pictures say more than a thousand words.Be it a product presentation or a walkabout through your business premises, convince your customer at a first glance how impressive your company operates. Furnish up to 12 pictures with captions and present these in our animated gallery!


What achieves your company and what makes you better than the competition? In a quick overview, you can answer these questions succinctly. The businessSITE enables you to present your range of services compact and clearly on up to four contents layers.


During the development of our product, we put a special emphasis on the optimisation of the businessSITE in regards to search engine optimisation. Every customer is different and individual requirements are needed to be easily found in search engines like Google. You can define up to 50 own keywords in your businessSITE.


route planner

No website without a mobile version - that applies also for the BusinessSITE. The ever-growing trend of the mobile Internet requires more and more adjustment of the Internet information, shown on mobile devices. Whether smartphone or tablet, the BusinessSITE provides your interested customers at any time, an adapted and optimised mobile version for these devices. Without any special adjustment on your part!

contact form

Stay connected to your customers and receive inquiries and messages directly via the contact form of your BusinessSite. Without revealing your e-mail address publicly, interested parties can send you messages after entering some basic information. With an integrated testing mechanism you are always protected against time-consuming SPAM.

contact person

Create personality by introducing yourself and your employees via the contact database. Your visitors get a quick overview of the contact persons in your company and are able to get in touch with the respective employee The necessary information such as name, position and of course contact data are on display below the person's portraits


user-defined colours

Personalisation is also very important at the businessSITE. For your own individual look you can choose many and create areas to your personal taste or your corporate identity. You have numerous options, from the font colour to the complete design of your mobile businessSITE. .

social media

In times of web 2.0 social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+ are gaining more and more in importance. Companies also advertise on these platforms, more and more to canvass. To draw your customers' attention to your profile on Twitter and Co, the powersite offers you the option to link it via the social-media-button.

inclusive mobile version

No website without a mobile version. That is true also for your BusinessSITE Homepage. The increasing use of Internet in mobile devices, requires more and more adjustments on the information shown in those devices. Whether it is a Smartphone or a tablet, your BusinessSITE shows to your clients a mobile version of your site, without any effort from your part.